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China Brush gives you harder, longer erections that last all night long! It is an all-natural, herbal product that contains no drugs or numbing agents. It works by dialating the blood vessels to increase blood flow to the penis. Other products claim to do what China Brush does, but they contain lynocain and/or benzocain, which are numbing agents. China Brush is not a numbing agent. We have heard of people using on nipples also for an incredible sensation. To use China Brush, apply a small amount on the underside of your penis near the head. Small amounts produce the best results; the amount of liquid on the applicator should be sufficient.

  • One bottle of China Brush provides 30-40 applications.
  • China Brush is safe to use with condoms!
  • Keep China Brush in your refrigerator or freezer to prevent evaporation (it won't turn to ice).
  • This product SHOULD NOT be used internally in the human body.

    CB$10.00, 2 for $18.00, 3 for $24.00
  • Whipped Cream Supplies

    There's a whole world of "erotic food" possibilities, but one simple and yummy favorite is fresh whipped cream. Plain, or flavored with honey, chocolate, or liquors - we have all the equipment you'll need to create "body desserts" you won't soon forget.

    Whipped Cream
    / Seltzer Bottle

    Indulge yourself and your guests with some easy to prepare, fresh fluffy whipped cream. Our simple to use dispensers are a cost effective and uncomplicated way to prepare pure, natural whipped cream, which stays fresh in the dispensers for up to ten days when stored in a fridge.

    Sorry, Kayser Sahneboy Cream Whipper sold out

  • A) Mr. Fizz 1 liter Seltzer Bottle - $49
  • B) Kayser Sahneboy .5 liter Cream Whipper - $49

    Whipped Cream Dispenser / Seltzer Bottle: 
  • Max Stamina
    - Only $24 each with purchase of 2!

    Max Stamina is a Quantum Leap in sexual enhancement products. It is a synergistic blend of sexual enhancing herbs unlike any other supplement. It's designed to increase arousal & passion, boost libido & maximize stamina! Ingredients include:

    Longjack (tongkai ali / eurycoma longifelio) - Natural Malaysian herb called "Asian Viagra". This herb is now taking central position in discussions about natural herbs with aphrodesiac effects. It naturally boosts testosterone levels.

    Yohimbe 8% Extract - At this high concentration, Yohimbe stimulates desire causing stronger, longer and more powerful erections via dramatic increases in penile blood flow.

    Xanthopermelia Scabrosa - Natural source of the core molecules in medications for impotence. Helps to sustain longer erections.

    Cnidium Monnier - Natural source to further affect smooth muscle reaction and expand penile artery blood flow. This ingredient works via the nitric oxide pathway end CGMP.

    Epimedium / Horny Goat Weed - Natural herb with documented aphrodisiac effects. Research shows that this compound may directly affect the neurotransmitters associated with sexual arousal.

    Maca - Peruvian botanical with a long history as an aphrodisiac and physical energizer.

    Macuna L pruriens - A natural phytochemical sometimes called Velvet Bean, it has been used to improve mental clarity.

    Polypodium Vulgare - A natural botanical that contains the substance group ecdysvenods. Research indicates androgenic effects and support for erectile sexual activity.

    Gaba - Natural compound that can increase the neurotransmitter dopamine and naturally produces a healthy sense of ecstasy and well-being.

    L-Arginine - Activates the nitric oxide pathway and production of CGMP. Further enhances penile arterial bloodflow leading to firmer, more rigid erections.

    MXSRegular price: $38.00Sale price: $38.00, 2 for $48.00
    Click to enlargeBeet Max

    Beet Max is a juice powder made from organic beets, which are a rich source of two poweful antioxidants: betacarotene and Vitamin C. Beet Max contains no artificial ingredients and gives you the best of this fresh organic juice in this convenient powder form.

    BEET$15.00, 3 for $39.00, 6 for $70.00

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